Shape the future of the ocean workforce

OGEN recruits the top minds, both nationally and internationally, to join Canadian researchers.

The OGEN program recruits internationally for the brightest technical minds, often with an entrepreneurial spirit, to join globally recognized Canadian researchers. The focus on excellence enables better problem-solving and innovations through creative thinking, novel experimentation, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Sponsored projects provide partners with access to the best university research and development instrumentation and facilities, as well as establish relationships with researchers to access their technical expertise to inform development plans and challenges.

The partnership develops relationships with trusted, highly qualified graduates and creates a pipeline of new talent to help partners grow.

Overall, partners fund half of the cost* of the positions, supervisors/universities fund a quarter, and a quarter is contributed through OGEN donor funding to catalyse the agreement. This provides significant leverage for all partners and researchers involved, such that even where the salaries are pitched at the high end of what is common, the funding model is still seen as advantageous.

* In a partnership with industry, the 50% is split equally between then industry partner and Mitacs: 25% Mitacs, 25% industry partner, 25% supervisor and university, 25% OGEN.