Supervising Partnership

Partnering with OGEN as a supervising partner means your organization could be directly involved in the supervision of a jointly developed research project and the OGEN student working on the project.

Once your organization has identified the research question(s) for the OGEN project(s), OGEN would host a workshop between your organization and academic researchers, with the goal of ‘matchmaking’ and finding synergies in research areas; a call for expressions of interest follows the workshop. Your organization and OFI jointly review and select the successful project, after which the academic researcher and your organization move forward with student recruitment.

Mitacs Accelerate

Industry partners may be able to further leverage their funds through the Mitacs Accelerate program. In this instance, Mitacs and the partner would contribute ~50% of the total OGEN studentship funding, with the remaining 50% split equally between the academic researcher and OGEN.

Co-curricular Activities

If your organization isn’t able to join OGEN as a full partner, you may be interested in providing co-curricular activities to OGEN students. This could be anything from hosting a student for an internship with your organization to developing and offering professional skills development workshops/seminars.